2019 WGPG Competitions, Awards and Prizes

****   WGPG Guidelines for Awards   ***

* To be eligible one must be a WGPG Member by June 1st.
* Award will be presented to the best of those who were eligible.
* Fruit must be an official GPC entry at a WGPG supported site: 

(exceptions: WI State Champion and #1 Grower Plaques)
* If the Wisconsin State Champion was not eligible the award will not be presented.
* Shirt Awards are presented to eligible WGPG Members the year of their qualifying entry.

* One Shirt Award limit per Individual and Household Membership.
* Partner listed on a qualifying GPC entry will also receive a Shirt Award if they have a separate qualifying Membership.
* Partner listed on the Household Membership and on a qualifying GPC entry may purchase Shirt Award from WGPG.
* Members weighing a qualifying pumpkin at a GPC site not supported by the WGPG may purchase a Shirt Award

Wisconsin State Champion
This accomplishment award goes to a Wisconsin WGPG Member who grows the state's heaviest

pumpkin officially recognized at any GPC weigh-off site. The Wisconsin State Champion

will have their name printed on and receive an honorary display banner!

Top 10 WGPG Giant Pumpkin Growers
Pumpkin must be grown from a seed of a club member from the previous year

Grower of the seed needs to be a member the year the seed was grown

Fruit of the seed needs to be weighed at a GPC Weigh-off in Wisconsin
*limit of one of these awards per membership
If you are unsure if a certain seed qualifies, contact wgpg@mwt.net for determination

                     1st        Place = $  600    plus large plaque         
   2nd       Place = $  400    plus plaque
   3rd        Place = $  200    plus plaque
   4th        Place = $  150   plus plaque
   5th        Place = $  100   plus plaque
    6th        Place = $  100   plus plaque 
    7th        Place = $  100   plus plaque 
   8th        Place = $  100   plus plaque
   9th        Place = $  100   plus plaque
   10th      Place = $  100   plus plaque

#1 Grower Plaque
These accomplishment awards will be for the Club Member that grows the heaviest :
Pumpkin, Squash, Watermelon, Tomato, Field Pumpkin, Bushel Gourd and the longest Long Gourd

may be entered at any GPC Weigh-Off

Overall WGPG Weigh-Off Winners ($100)

These awards will be for the growers with the heaviest fruit weighed in a WGPG supported Weigh-OFF

Pumpkin,  Squash,  Watermelon,  Tomato,  Field Pumpkin,  Bushel Gourd and longest Long Gourd

Wisconsin State Records
Award goes to a Wisconsin grower who grows a state record.

They will receive recognition on their #1 Grower Plaques.

Most Improved Competition ($100 & Plaque)
This accomplishment award will be for the Club Member that improves 
their best GPC listed pumpkin weight from the previous year.

Rookie Grower Competition ($100 & Plaque)
This award will be for a Rookie Member that displays the heaviest pumpkin.  
Members are not considered a Rookie Grower if they have

entered a pumpkin into a GPC weigh-off in a previous year.


Certificates of Achievement will be presented to entrants in a

WGPG supported GPC Weigh-Off for entering their 1st GPC Entry.

"Heavy Hitter" - Black Polo Shirt
Will be awarded to WGPG Member that enters an official GPC Giant Pumpkin

Entry weighing 1000 pounds or more.

"One Ton Club" – Royal Blue Polo Shirt
Will be awarded to WGPG Member that enters an official GPC Giant Pumpkin

Entry weighing 2000 pounds or more.


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