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2022 Competition Info

WGPG Competitions, Awards, and Prizes

*** WGPG Guidelines for Awards ***
* To be eligible, one must be a WGPG Member by June 1st.
Award will be presented to the best of those who are eligible.
* DMG and exhibition fruit are not eligible for any Wisconsin competitions, awards and prizes.
*If fruit is weighed at a non WGPG sponsored weigh-off you must notify WGPG November 1.
*Anything in disputes will be decided by the WGPG Board of Directors. All decisions by the Board of Directors are final.

Wisconsin State Champion

This accomplishment award goes to the WGPG Member who grows the heaviest pumpkin in the state of Wisconsin
officially recognized at any GPC weigh-off site. The Wisconsin State Champion will have their name printed on and
receive an honorary display banner!

Top 20 WGPG Giant Pumpkin Growers

The pumpkin must be weighed at WGPG supported weigh-off.
*limit of one of these awards per membership
1st Place = $ 500 plus plaque 11th Place $50 plus plaque
2nd Place = $ 400 plus plaque 12th Place $50 plus plaque
3rd Place = $ 200 plus plaque 13th Place $50 plus plaque
4th Place = $ 150 plus plaque 14th Place $50 plus plaque
5th Place = $ 100 plus plaque 15th Place $50 plus plaque
6th Place = $ 100 plus plaque 16th Place $50 plus plaque
7th Place = $ 100 plus plaque 17th Place $50 plus plaque
8th Place = $ 100 plus plaque 18th Place $50 plus plaque
9th Place = $ 100 plus plaque 19th Place $50 plus plaque
10th Place = $ 100 plus plaque 20th Place $50 plus plaque

WI State Record Plaques
These awards will be for the Wisconsin Club Members that break the WI state record:

Pumpkin, Squash, Watermelon, Tomato, Field Pumpkin, Bushel Gourd, Marrow, and the longest Long Gourd
Only one state record Plaque per Category, for example, if the Watermelon State record is broken 3 times in one
season the State Record Plaque will go to the grower with the heaviest fruit. The grower may enter their fruit at any
GPC Weigh-Off.

Overall WGPG Weigh-Off Winners ($100 & Plaque)

These awards will be for the growers with the heaviest fruit weighed at a WGPG-supported Weigh-Off.
Squash, Watermelon, Tomato, Field Pumpkin, Bushel Gourd, Marrow, and the longest Long Gourd
Note the Giant Pumpkin is not included, as this is awarded for 1st place in the TOP 20 WGPG Giant pumpkin Awards.

Rookie Grower Competition ($100 & Plaque)
All others will receive a certificate
This award will be for a Rookie Member that enters the heaviest pumpkin in a WGPG-sponsored GPC weigh-off.
Members are not considered a Rookie if they have entered a pumpkin into any GPC weigh-off in a previous year. If you
qualify for this award you must contact the WGPG awards committee.

"One Ton Club" – Royal Blue Polo Shirt
A blue polo shirt will be awarded to WGPG Member that enters an official GPC Giant Pumpkin Entry weighing 2,000
pounds or more. Fruit must be weighed at a WGPG-supported weigh-off to qualify for a free shirt.
One Shirt Award limit per Individual per lifetime. If weighed as a team only two members of a team listed on a
qualifying GPC entry will receive a Shirt Award. Shirt Awards are presented to eligible WGPG Members the year of their
qualifying entry. Members weighing a qualifying pumpkin at a GPC site not supported by the WGPG may purchase a
Shirt Award. If you qualify for this Award you MUST contact the WGPG awards committee to be eligible.

Join the Team
The Award for this contest will be a WGPG Jacket!
Patches can be earned to adorn your new Jacket!

Join the Team Award:
• • Must be a club member by June 1st of the current year
• • Fruit must be entered at a WGPG weigh-off and meet the requirements of the GPC
• • Early GPC Tomato entries are accepted
• • Fruit can be grown from any seed
Entries being awarded:
• • Top 3 Giant Pumpkins
First place in the following categories:
• • Squash, Long Gourd, Watermelon, Tomato, Field Pumpkin, Bushel Gourd, Marrow
Winners have the option of the jackets listed below:
• • Eddie Bauer 534 Men's black jacket/Eddie Bauer 535 Ladies black jacket (these are dressier jackets.)
• - Or -
• • Eddie Bauer 558 Men's black jacket/Eddie Bauer 559 Ladies black jacket (more weatherproof)
* In the case of a tie, both will get jackets
* 1 Jacket per grower, per lifetime. Team growers will be limited to 2 Jackets per team
Jackets will include a 3-inch embroidery with our WGPG logo on the left front chest of the jacket
and an 8-inch embroidery with our WGPG logo on the back of the jacket
Jackets will be awarded at the WGPG awards banquet. (To be determined)
Shipping not available
Order forms will be available to each winner to ensure the size and style chosen

WGPG Patch Award:
Patches will be awarded for benchmark achievements with the following criteria:
• Giant Pumpkin:
• 1,000 pound patch (1,000lbs to 1,499lbs)
• 1,500pound patch (1,500lbs to 1,999lbs)
• 2,000 pound patch (2,000lbs to 2,499lbs)
• 2,500 pound patch (2,500lbs and up)
• Squash: 1,000 pounds 1,500 pounds
• Bushel Gourd: 200 pounds
• Field Pumpkin: 120 pounds
• Watermelon: 175 pounds
• Marrow: 100 pounds
• Long Gourd: 120 inches
• Tomato: 5 pounds
• Youth Patch under 18 years of age that enters any size official GPC fruit
*1 Patch per grower, per lifetime, per category. Team growers will be limited to 2 Patches per team