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Dear Giant Pumpkin Grower Club,

Wallace Organic Wonder (WOW) is gearing up for a BIG 2018 season! This will be my fourth year in business and I am excited to report that “support” from the giant pumpkin growing community continues to be tremendous! It has been, and still is, challenging work that has been very educational. Using my website, social media, blogs, and newsletters, I have tried to spread the word about what the “giant pumpkin community” has done for gardening world wide. Your support has helped place WOW in a position where I am able to once again give back to this wonderful community. I am pleased to announce that WOW will be making a $1,000 donation to the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth at the seminar in March for the 2018 fiscal year for use at their discretion. This will bring the total amount of contributions from WOW to $4,825. As WOW becomes more successful, I am confident that I can continue to donate even more to the GPC and all the growers in the future.

If your club is having a seminar and you are interested in significant savings on bulk orders, please see the attached price sheet, and as always shipping is free with WOW. Bulk orders must be placed no later than 14 days before your seminar or pick up date. I only ask that one check for the entire order be made payable to Wallace Farm, LLC for payment. Please email me at ron@wallacewow.com if you have any questions. I thank you and your Club Members for your continued support, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve your members with high quality products, good pricing, and superior service!

Ron Wallace

President / CFO Wallace Organic Wonder




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2018 Pumpkin Club Prices

Contact Info:


WOW Pumpkin Pro:

$7.75 per pound (5 pound bags)

WOW Humic/FulvicAcid:

 1 pound $14.00  5 pounds $40.00  10 pounds $70.00

WOW Wonder Brew Compost Tea Brews:

 Ten 80 gram brews per bag $21.00 (Makes 50 gallons)

 Ten 500 gram brews per bag $64.00 (Makes 250 gallons)

WOW Powdered Seaweed:

 10.7 ounce $17.00 (Makes 65 gallons)

5 pounds $68.00 (Makes 520 gallons)

Azos powder

12 ounce: $38.00


6 ounce: $25.00