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To be eligible for these competitions,

you must be a WGPG member by June 1st 

and submitted your entry in a WGPG Weigh-Off

The Featured Club Seed Contest

    The featured seed was the 1530 Gehweiler.

Tie for 1st Place !!!

1475 pounds

Don Gorichanaz

John Sikorski

Wisconsin Seed from 2013

1719 pounds

Margaret & Glen Martin

Most Improved

1119 pounds

Del Faust

Rookie Grower

1451 pounds

Anita Theobald

1225.2 pounds

Derek Sippel - runner-up


7.45 pounds

Margaret & Glen Martin


1103.6 pounds

Margaret & Glen Martin


145.5 pounds

John Barlow

Field Pumpkin

148 pounds

Margaret & Glen Martin

Long Gourd

130.38 inches

Margaret & Glen Martin

​The winners of the

Wisconsin Giant Pumpkin Growers Club Competitions.


2014 Club Competition Results